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    API pipe mill/ Oil/Gas Welded Pipe Machine - The oil, natural gas steel pipe production line produce the delivery pipe and petroleum drive pipe etc conforming to standard of API-5L, API-5CT, ASTM A53 Grade A&B, also used in boiled and heat transfer. etc high-pressured transportation pipelines.
    We absorbed the international advanced technology of tube making, adopting FFX and Cage roll forming etc flexible formation technology , which made CAD system apply to deformation process of welded pipe which analysis and research the distortion control craft of high grade steel pipe ,also coordinated with high-performance welding machine to solve better the forming and welding defects that provide the welded pipe products of .high grade & high added-value for users.

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    Complete API Pipe Mill For Pipes Up To 28"


    ERW 406*14.0mm API Pipe Mill in the Phillippines


    The “FF” forming method has simple structure, convenient maintenance and high production efficiency. The rollers of the first four horizontal frames, the first and second vertical roller frames, and the third, fourth and fifth C-roll frames have commonality. The replacement specifications do not need to be replaced, only adjustment is required. Save 30% of the entire set of equipment rolls, save roll change time, improve production efficiency, and have a competitive advantage in the market competition. This molding method is the world's advanced technology, and the state of stress during the deformation process is more reasonable. Our company digested and absorbed on this theory, and applied this advanced molding technology to the unit, so that the unit reached the domestic advanced level.

    The "FFX" forming method is especially suitable for the API pipe lines, and the stress state is more reasonable during the deformation process, which can save 50% of the roll. Based on this theory, our company is able to absorb this advanced molding technology into this unit, so that the unit can reach the international advanced technology level.
    The production line adopts the mature, reliable, complete, economic applicable advanced technology, advanced equipment, to ensure product quality, cost, and the consumption indexes reach the advanced level, products have strong competitiveness in quality and price.

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    ERW219×8.0mm API Pipe Mill In The Philippines

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    Huludao City Steel Pipe Industrial Co., LTd

    ERW355×14mm complete API pipe mill

    Apr, 2007


    Qingdao Xinchi Steel pipe Industrial Co., Ltd

    ERW355×12mm complete API pipe mill

    Mar, 2008


    HLD Clark Steel Pipe Co., Inc.

    ERW406×14mm complete API pipe mill

    Jul, 2009


    Ling Steel Co., Ltd

    ERW325×16mm complete pipe mill

    Aug, 2009



    ERW273×10mm complete API pipe mill

    Nov, 2009



    ERW273×12mm complete API pipe mill

    Mar, 2011



    ERW273×12.7mm complete API pipe mill

    Oct, 2014


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