We are committed to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, and as a result employ staff who, between them, have a number of years of experience in the business. Furthermore, because we recognise the importance of fully understanding our clients’ needs from the outset, our staff are highly-professional and fluent in English, Chinese or Russian. This helps us to better understand our clients objectives from the outset and – working closely with them throughout each project – come up with a tailored solution that will best meet their needs.

    Having taken a client’s brief, we source the most cost-effective and suitable solution for them from a number of companies across China, presenting them with a proposal we believe will best achieve their objectives. Working closely throughout with the client, we then agree continuing support throughout the production process to ensure all their objectives are fully and satisfactorily met. And we continue to support them by offering outstanding after-care too.

    - We listen courteously to our clients’ every needs, which form the groundwork of our proposal to them.
    - We will always do our best to keep our promise with clients throughout every project.
    - We follow our clients throughout their Manufacturing Process, to ensure full support at every stage.
    - We always strive to be of service to clients, offering them the best quality and satisfactory price.

    Because language differences can lead to misunderstandings, and because many of the most cost-effective solutions today can be found in China, we have international staff who can help you bridge the gap between the English and Chinese languages, and therefore minimize any misunderstandings from the outset, giving you access to some of the best-value – and now highest-quality – products available.

    - Our professional team speaks English & Chinese – and Russian too.
    - We are experienced in contract-term negotiation.
    - We strive to be your most reliable partner, finding you the best solution to your needs.

    We at HML have adopted stringent quality control measures to ensure the highest quality. Quality is checked at different stages of production and supply and the raw material we use is sourced only from reliable and established vendors.
    HML’s Quality Management System includes the certifications ISO 9001:2000, IS0 14.001 and API SPECQ1. Regarding the products, the company maintains the supply and manufacturing processes certified according to the rules API 5L and API 5CT, DNV, NACE and has the CRCC (Petrobras Registration).

    Spiral pipes are manufactured in a two-stage process. In the first stage the raw material is formed into a pipe body and provisionally welded at high speed. In the second stage the pipes are final-welded on separate stands where the inside and outside seams are welded simultaneously by means of submerged-arc multi-wire welding.

    Our Solid State Pipe Welding Machine is a result of technology transfer from Japan, resulting in the highest-quality products. Our complete quality assurance system, high-quality raw materials and production technology ensure the highest quality and economic production process for spirally-welded line pipes.