ERW Tube Mills
2022-01-10 20:32:14


Precision ERW Tube Mills

ERW stands for Electric Resistance Welding. Different with other welding method ERW steel pipe is welded by melting the steel material itself and joining together as a pipe. This is good for the pipe mechanical performance. Our ERW pipe mill line has following features such as lower labor intensity and high production capacity.

Compared with other competitor’s, one of the advantages of our mill line is that our quick-change system can shorten the time of changing rollers on machines, more efficient than others’. Also, the pipes coming out from our machines are smooth on the surface and can bear particular pressure.

We can also offer designs according to buyer’s requires, make some change on the above process flow, to satisfy the buyers’ needs. For example, we can add welded seam annealing machine on the line to meet API pipe making requirements.









Our tube mill show

1-220110203I9126.png  1-220110203K3425.png

1-220110203PH17.png  1-220110203R3E7.png

1-220110203S5329.png  1-220110203TK22.png

1-220110203Z22c.png  1-220110203926239.png