Welded H-Beam Mill

    HML Advantages

    Wide Range of Production

    It can produce various kinds of welded H-beam that hot rolled H beam line can’t produced. The specifications are from 50-100mm ~300-600mm, thickness 2.5-14.0mm.

    Flexible Production:
    It can produce small batch and multi-various products to meet the market demand.

    High Production Efficiency:
    The steel structure is assembled, welded and corrected at the same time, and the production time is greatly reduced. The annual production is more than 80,000 tons.

    Lower Cost
    High degree of automation, the production process is safer. So fewer operators are needed.

    SLT600 Welded H beam Mill Line in China


    High-frequency welding H-beam is a kind of economical Cross-section steel. The advantage of high frequency welding method is that it can produce various kinds of H-beam cross-section. At the same time, it is very flexible to operate when producing, as well as being suitable for market demand in steel structure with small batch and multi-various products. Moreover, continuous H.F welding H-beam also has strong economy.


    600mm Welded H-BEAM Mill Line In China


    600mm Welded H-BEAM Mill Line In China

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